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How-to Guide: Microsoft Excel Online

The 2018 Malgra Consultant Spreadsheet is designed for use with Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher. The spreadsheet contains a number of automated tools in the background which work to enhance and calculate totals across the simplified dashboard.

The spreadsheet does not currently work with Ability Office. Microsoft Excel (and Office 2016) can be purchased from Malgra, or alternatively you can use the Excel Online tool free of charge from Microsoft.

Download Spreadsheet

Before continuing, please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the 2018 Malgra Consultant Spreadsheet.

Using Excel Online

You will need a Microsoft Account to use Excel Online. Accounts are free to register, and you can use your normal email address during signup. If you’ve already registered, you can skip this step.

Once registered, Microsoft will provide free secure storage through their OneDrive.

Visit your OneDrive storage page to load up your main folder where you can store files online.

Once inside your main OneDrive folder, click the ‘upload files’ option shown below

Find the Spreadsheet and upload to Microsoft OneDrive

Once uploaded, double click the icon to open

The Malgra Consultant Accounts Spreadsheet will automatically open and be ready for use.


  • It is recommended to save your work regularly, using File > Save
  • Printing from Excel Online may produce different results to the main spreadsheet
  • Support for Excel Online is provided by Microsoft
Updated on June 30, 2019

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