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Premium Service: Timescales for reporting

This page relates only to MalgraBooks Premium clients

If you’re a MalgraBooks Premium client, you’ll receive a monthly report throughout the financial year outlining your current profit/loss and business standing.

This document will be available online on your Business Portal.

To provide these reports, there is a short turnaround from the end of the month for these to be published, therefore you will need to submit any documents for consideration by the end of the 15th day in the current month.

An example is below for a statement which would cover the month of August

Period Covered:1 August – 31 August
Last day to submit documents:15th September*
Report processed and sent:25th September*

*These dates may slightly fluctuate due to weekends.

For example, any documents which we’ve received by 15th September would be included in the report issued around the 25th September.

Where documents are submitted after the 15th of the month, we’ll process these on the following months’ report which would be due on the 25th of the following month, along with any other documents sent to our team.

End of Financial Year

At the end of the Financial Year, we usually hold off sending reports in our March period as the financial year runs through to 5 April, therefore request information on this date to prompt for anything covering the additional few days.

Need a report at a different time?

If you need a report running more urgently, please contact our team with details of your request and we’ll aim to run this earlier for you if you need documentation about your business for other purposes (i.e. rental agreements).

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