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Sample Spreadsheets for Slimming World Consultants


We’re pleased to provide our Tax Spreadsheets to help Slimming World Consultants manage their business and accounts. Since 2015, these documents have been provided free of charge to colleagues to allow them to complete their tax returns. The spreadsheet allows you to log your income and expenses on separate tabs and keep an overview of how much profit/loss your business has made.

The original document has been downloaded over 400 times to date.

  • Current Stable Version: Version 3 – April 2017
  • Price: Free






Looking for our printed Consultant Accounting Guide? Click here!

Updated on September 26, 2017

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  1. Hi there,

    Thank you very much for enabling us to download the SW consultant tax spreadsheet. You have sent me the link to the 2018/19 spreadsheet. Is it also possible to get access to the 2017/18 spreadsheet?

    Kind regards.

    Liz Dore

    1. Heya Liz
      You can use the most recent spreadsheet for the previous tax year, or can download older versions through the link above!
      Best Wishes

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