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Your Business (Reports, Templates and Documents)

The ‘Your Business’ section of our Client Portal provides an overview of your business – including any reports and templates which you may need to download.

This page provides an overview of all modules available. Where an asterix * is adjacent to an item, it may only be available on certain services.

Secure File Storage*

You can access all files and documents which you’ve submitted to MalgraBooks here. Our system will connect you to your personal documents which are held on a secure server.

NOTE: Please do not share this link with others, this provides direct access to your account

Template Downloads

You can download our simple spreadsheets to provide MalgraBooks with details of your expenses and sales. These are available here, with further details of how to complete

Upload Documents

Our online uploading tool allows you to submit details to MalgraBooks, such as completed spreadsheets and PFS Documents.

Team Developers*

If you have this module, you can provide details of your Team Developer (TD) business arrangements

Your Reports*

You can download and view your latest (and historical) reports online here

Updated on January 26, 2020

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